Foot wear for children is over looked, yet so crucial to a child's development.

Feetzee was started to solve the problem of inadequate foot wear for young children. We saw all the type of wrong shoes for a child, ones with elevated heels, ones with arches, ones with too thick of a sole, but we we're not able to find one shoe that was actually fit for a young child. That's why we started Feetzee. A child's first walking shoes should be as close to bare foot as possible and should be like that for the first 5-7 years of their lives, heck even adults could benefit from the same concept! 

Our Values


Foot wear made for no other reason but to ensure the sole health of a young developing child.


Quality that you can trust your kids with. We know that kids can use and abuse things causing real wear and tear. We've thought about that.

Customer Service

We know that buying shoes can be a tough task especially for a growing child. That's we value customer support so highly and offer free size exchanges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible footwear for children there can possibly be! One pair at a time we will show the world how important it is to not neglect their children's feet and to give them the footwear they deserve.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the shoes your child wears can impact neuro brain development as well as motor coordination? Feetzee shoes present features to ensure optimal brain and motor development.
  • Minimal cushion for maximum sensory stimulation of the ground. This is good for neural brain development.

  • Zero heel to toe drop. This reduces the tightness in your child's Calves and reduces strain on the Achilles tendon. 

  • Flexible and free. Able to have natural movement stimulates your child's nerve endings and muscles in their foot.

  • Breathable. Don't sweat it, breathable mesh allows for all day play on those hot summer days.

  • Machine Washable. Its as easy as throwing them in the washer with your clothes, no more scrubbing shoes with a toothbrush.

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